Green Tripe and Veggies

Raw feeding at my house has gotten infinitely easier which will be reflected in my blog posts this year. In 2017, I embraced the “balance over time” theory of raw feeding and stopped worrying about calculating bone percentages. I no longer buy into the 80/10/10 – while I do believe that this is a great starting point, I don’t think that’s the end of the story. Instead, I do strive for a semblance of balance by making sure my dogs are getting muscle meat, bone, liver and offal in their diet. My dogs also get raw eggs, raw sardines, boiled oysters, grass-fed butter, fermented vegetables, kefir, and goats milk.


Green tripe
Fermented vegetables
Olewo carrots
Green tripe days are so easy.


Stainless steel dog dishes
Digital kitchen scale.

I hydrate 1/2 tbsp for Rodrigo and Scout. Green tripe gives them diarrhea and the Olewo carrots allow them to be able to enjoy a nutritious protein without the runny results.

I no longer mix everything together like I used to; instead, I keep everything in separate containers and spoon an amount (I eyeball everything) into each dog’s dish. I base how much I feed on a set amount (ounces) of what each dog eats per meal (my dogs eat twice daily).

Sydney and Zoey are on a diet, so I’ve decreased their meal sizes.

I invested in a home scale for the dogs and I use that to track their weight. I increase and decrease how much I feed them based on their activity level, their individual weight, and their goal weights.

Raw Food for Dogs
Raw Food for Dogs

Dog Food : Serving Amounts

Each dog has a set amount that I feed and I add food to the dish until the scale reaches the correct weight. Sometimes I add extras to a green tripe meal, I count everything in the weight. The following are the amounts of whole food supplements I give to each dog.

One raw egg per dog, every other day. I feed raw eggs about 4 days a week. I don’t feed the shell because my dogs won’t eat them.
Three raw sardines per dog, weekly. I source my raw sardines from OC Raw. There are approximately 12 in a bag and I thaw out one bag every week or every other week. I alternate the sardines with fish oil and oysters.

One 8 ounce can of boiled oysters (boiled in water, never smoked). I split the can between each dog equally.
Raw goats milk and kefir; 4 tablespoons of raw goats milk or kefir three or four days a week.
I give each dog a tablespoon of fermented vegetables once or twice daily, at least five days a week.
Other Supplements

For more information about the supplements, I add to my dogs’ raw meals, check out this blog post: