Grass Fed Beef and Stuff

My local raw food co-op opened a new order – grass fed, grass finished beef. This is definitely a novelty, but I was able to get a case for less than $5/lb, so I thought that I would give it a try because it was going to be lean and a good meal for my girls.

Ingredients for Raw Food

5 lb chub of grass fed, grass finished beef (ground – meat only)
1 pound of ground duck wings (for bone)
2 lb chub organ blend by
2 cups of fermented vegetables/seeds
1 cup of bone broth

I mix everything together and store in a Rubbermaid container in the fridge. I add a raw egg to the meals every other day and green tripe in two meals that week.


This meal is for Sydney, Scout, and Zoey only. Rodrigo has only been able to eat the Natural Selections beef recipe by Darwin’s Pet and I didn’t want to experiment with my boy. He did get a taste and did just fine, but I’m not ready to give him a full meal.

The organ blend by contains beef heart and lung, which are treated as muscle meat and not organ meat, which is why I’m okay with adding the full 2 lb chub.

Raw food for Dogs

Raw Food


I’ve changed up the supplements a bit as I find what works best for each dog.

Bio Base Plus pancreas supplement, which I give to Rodrigo for his gut issues. Thanks to repeated rounds of antibiotics prescribed by his first vet back when I didn’t know to question this, Rodrigo’s gut has a hard time absorbing nutrients and this supplement helps. Daily

Organic kelp by Life Line, for a natural source of iodine. This supplement supports thyroid health, skin and coat health, metabolism, and digestive health. 1 tsp 3-4 days per week

Canine System Saver, which I give mainly to Sydney for her joints and mobility. I also give a smaller dose to my other dogs. Daily
Spirulina by Wholistic Pet Organics, supports the immune system, curves the desire to eat grass, and comes with a host of cancer-fighting antioxidants. 1 scoop 3 days per week

Bee Power by Wholistic Pet Organics, supports everything, including the immune system, metabolism, and more. This is a MUST HAVE!!! Read more here: Benefits of Bee Pollen and Honey for Dogs, 4-5 days per week, twice daily

In Clover Optagest, a healthy gut biome is so important and this prebiotic helps our dogs build and maintain a healthy, native gut biome. 4-5 days per week, twice daily

Salmon oil by Life Line, since I’m not feeding the dogs sardines this week, I’m adding fish oil to their meals for the Omega 3 fatty acids which calm inflammation while promoting skin and coat health and more. 4-5 days per week

Joint Supplements

Cosequin DS Plus with MSM, a joint supplement for my senior dogs, Rodrigo and Sydney. Daily
In Clover Connectin, a joint supplement for Scout and Zoey, who are 4 years old. 5-7 days per week (they think it’s a treat)There are other supplements that I give periodically. I give my dogs milk thistle every other month for two weeks (they split a container).