Green Tripe and Veggies

Raw feeding at my house has gotten infinitely easier which will be reflected in my blog posts this year. In 2017, I embraced the “balance over time” theory of raw feeding and stopped worrying about calculating bone percentages. I no longer buy into the 80/10/10 – while I do believe that this is a great starting point, I don’t think that’s the end of the story. Instead, I do strive for a semblance of balance by making sure my dogs are getting muscle meat, bone, liver and offal in their diet. My dogs also get raw eggs, raw sardines, boiled oysters, grass-fed butter, fermented vegetables, kefir, and goats milk.


Green tripe
Fermented vegetables
Olewo carrots
Green tripe days are so easy.


Stainless steel dog dishes
Digital kitchen scale.

I hydrate 1/2 tbsp for Rodrigo and Scout. Green tripe gives them diarrhea and the Olewo carrots allow them to be able to enjoy a nutritious protein without the runny results.

I no longer mix everything together like I used to; instead, I keep everything in separate containers and spoon an amount (I eyeball everything) into each dog’s dish. I base how much I feed on a set amount (ounces) of what each dog eats per meal (my dogs eat twice daily).

Sydney and Zoey are on a diet, so I’ve decreased their meal sizes.

I invested in a home scale for the dogs and I use that to track their weight. I increase and decrease how much I feed them based on their activity level, their individual weight, and their goal weights.

Raw Food for Dogs
Raw Food for Dogs

Dog Food : Serving Amounts

Each dog has a set amount that I feed and I add food to the dish until the scale reaches the correct weight. Sometimes I add extras to a green tripe meal, I count everything in the weight. The following are the amounts of whole food supplements I give to each dog.

One raw egg per dog, every other day. I feed raw eggs about 4 days a week. I don’t feed the shell because my dogs won’t eat them.
Three raw sardines per dog, weekly. I source my raw sardines from OC Raw. There are approximately 12 in a bag and I thaw out one bag every week or every other week. I alternate the sardines with fish oil and oysters.

One 8 ounce can of boiled oysters (boiled in water, never smoked). I split the can between each dog equally.
Raw goats milk and kefir; 4 tablespoons of raw goats milk or kefir three or four days a week.
I give each dog a tablespoon of fermented vegetables once or twice daily, at least five days a week.
Other Supplements

For more information about the supplements, I add to my dogs’ raw meals, check out this blog post:


Dog Walker: A help for dog and you

In the event that you work more than 6 hours a day and have a dog, or two dogs, you will need a dog walker. Life in the city can be difficult for dogs.

Prefer a dog walker in your area

In fact, many of us keep pets in gated condominiums around the city and work long periods of time, resulting in a canine life that is a far cry from that of a rural or suburban canine, who typically has an outside patio to squirm during the day. – or randomly they get really lucky, they dig up patches of dirt to jump in and get dirty.

However, there is no reason why a city dog ​​cannot revel in one satisfaction: a good walk. Life in the city has its obstacles and also brings with it levels of stimulation (sights, sounds and smells) that dogs from the suburbs or rural areas never encounter.

City dogs are also honored with many more social doors open, whether it’s with other dogs in town or with a pack of their friends at the nearby doggie daycare or dog park.

Dog Walkers

Dog Walker: Solution in your hands

In fact, many owners work long hours and enjoy a dynamic social life, which means long periods when their pets are away from others. For a dog, that means hours of boredom, especially in a small apartment or studio that has little room to play or run.

For this reason, most city dog ​​owners hire a dog walker. It breaks those long hours of solitude and gives your dog a chance to go outside, stretch his legs and burn off a percentage of the calories he ate for breakfast.

For some dogs, the dog walker is their guide through the day and also their friend. These facts only apply to dogs. However, as the reputation of dog walkers continues to grow, there are more and more dog walkers to explore urban areas.

Dog walkers and pet sitting services are flourishing everywhere, and in many urban communities, dog owners are left stranded with a choice. However, not all dog walking services are the same: there are differences in the quality and type of services provided.

Suitable dog walker

Here are some tips for choosing the right dog walker:

Make sure you know what you want before you start looking. It is important that you are clear about what type of service you want.

A solid and established dog walking service can provide a real sense of peace and security, in some communities the service that can be accessed is the walk: just a walk. While in other communities there are comprehensive services, day care, cleaning, even some education.

If you want your dog walker and your pet to develop a well-meaning, trusting relationship, it makes sense to educate yourself.

So keep these facts about dogs in mind. Set a perfect schedule and get ready to negotiate. Let’s face it, most dog owners tend to walk their dog in the middle of the day, which generally means between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. m. and 3 p.m. m.

This means you won’t always get an amateur dog walker who can also guarantee your perfect schedule.

But insist with your dog walker. Your pet will thank you.


French Bulldogs in AKC

Shann’s French Bulldogs is synonomous with Quality, Integrity, and Excellence and is well known around the World. I have been seriously involved with French Bulldogs for over 16 years and I intend to continue my dedication to the breed for many years to come.

Shauna Ann Macauley has bred over 40 AKC Champions of record. I have produced an All Breed Best In Show Winner, Westminster Winners, National and Regional Specialty Winners, #1 Bitch in the USA, multiple Group Winners, and various Top 10 French Bulldogs. Although I do not have any human children to brag about, I am proud of my four-legged children and their accomplishments! My Frenchies are not my business, they are my passion and showing & breeding is an expensive hobby.

I do not offer my dogs for outside (public) breeding purposes and any available adults or puppies are spayed or neutered before they leave my home and are available for adoption. I breed selectively and on a limited basis for myself, however I occasionally have companion pups available for qualified homes. Each year only a small number of puppies are offered to pre-approved parties. Any prospective homes for my puppies must pass strict criteria and a detailed series of interviews, beginning with our questionnaire (application). There is a chance I might have a couple of pups available in 2008. Serious inquiries may contact me privately for more details.

When a party qualifies for ownership, the puppy must live in the owner’s living quarters and become a family member. I only consider homes where my Frenchies will be provided loving attention and stimulation throughout the day. I do not believe that Frenchies thrive living alone for the majority of their waking hours. French Bulldogs are social creatures and desire the bonding and relationship of human interaction. The majority of owners of “Shann’s Frenchies” work at home, take their dogs to work with them, or always have someone in their house with the puppy or dog.

Once again, thank you for visiting my site!

My Bat-Eared Best to you, Jordi


Grass Fed Beef and Stuff

My local raw food co-op opened a new order – grass fed, grass finished beef. This is definitely a novelty, but I was able to get a case for less than $5/lb, so I thought that I would give it a try because it was going to be lean and a good meal for my girls.

Ingredients for Raw Food

5 lb chub of grass fed, grass finished beef (ground – meat only)
1 pound of ground duck wings (for bone)
2 lb chub organ blend by
2 cups of fermented vegetables/seeds
1 cup of bone broth

I mix everything together and store in a Rubbermaid container in the fridge. I add a raw egg to the meals every other day and green tripe in two meals that week.


This meal is for Sydney, Scout, and Zoey only. Rodrigo has only been able to eat the Natural Selections beef recipe by Darwin’s Pet and I didn’t want to experiment with my boy. He did get a taste and did just fine, but I’m not ready to give him a full meal.

The organ blend by contains beef heart and lung, which are treated as muscle meat and not organ meat, which is why I’m okay with adding the full 2 lb chub.

Raw food for Dogs

Raw Food


I’ve changed up the supplements a bit as I find what works best for each dog.

Bio Base Plus pancreas supplement, which I give to Rodrigo for his gut issues. Thanks to repeated rounds of antibiotics prescribed by his first vet back when I didn’t know to question this, Rodrigo’s gut has a hard time absorbing nutrients and this supplement helps. Daily

Organic kelp by Life Line, for a natural source of iodine. This supplement supports thyroid health, skin and coat health, metabolism, and digestive health. 1 tsp 3-4 days per week

Canine System Saver, which I give mainly to Sydney for her joints and mobility. I also give a smaller dose to my other dogs. Daily
Spirulina by Wholistic Pet Organics, supports the immune system, curves the desire to eat grass, and comes with a host of cancer-fighting antioxidants. 1 scoop 3 days per week

Bee Power by Wholistic Pet Organics, supports everything, including the immune system, metabolism, and more. This is a MUST HAVE!!! Read more here: Benefits of Bee Pollen and Honey for Dogs, 4-5 days per week, twice daily

In Clover Optagest, a healthy gut biome is so important and this prebiotic helps our dogs build and maintain a healthy, native gut biome. 4-5 days per week, twice daily

Salmon oil by Life Line, since I’m not feeding the dogs sardines this week, I’m adding fish oil to their meals for the Omega 3 fatty acids which calm inflammation while promoting skin and coat health and more. 4-5 days per week

Joint Supplements

Cosequin DS Plus with MSM, a joint supplement for my senior dogs, Rodrigo and Sydney. Daily
In Clover Connectin, a joint supplement for Scout and Zoey, who are 4 years old. 5-7 days per week (they think it’s a treat)There are other supplements that I give periodically. I give my dogs milk thistle every other month for two weeks (they split a container).